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Brian Oldham  is a young artist from Los Angeles, US specializing in self-portraits  and conceptual photography. 


Next up for the 1930 Best Picture nominees…..All Quiet On The Western Front



I have watched many many films… but there are only only a dozen that I have considered to be truly thought provoking and emotionally moving. THIS is one of those films.


"butterflies in my brain"


The photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto has visited the Museum four times in the past four decades to shoot his “Dioramas” series, which focuses on habitat displays to explore the distinction between the real and the fictive. 

"I have my ideas and visions of what nature should look like. So I’m using this diorama to represent my idealistic visions of nature." 

The first photographs from the “Dioramas” series, shot in 1976, brought Sugimoto to acclaim. “Dioramas” continues to gain an audience today with recent exhibitions at the thegetty in Los Angeles and the pacegallery in New York.


An inspiring dose of color…

Prismatic Landscape emerged from a collaboration between Ptolemy Mann and Johnson Tiles. It was installed on the Farmiloe Building as part of the Clerkwell Design Week in London (May 20-22, 2014).

see more tantalizing images from the installation


Ward Roberts - Billions (Hong Kong Reflections)

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